My Design Aesthetic

If you ask me what my greatest strength as a graphic designer is (and like it or not, hey, you just did!) I would answer you thusly: my greatest strength is my innate thirst to understand. Because once I understand something, I can help communicate that understanding, with all the tools and tricks in a graphic designer's arsenal.

Musical Theatre

Many who know me now probably have a hard time picturing it - heck even I do now - but much of my formative years, up to and through college, included a good amount of performing on stage. Singing. Dancing. Playing guitar, piano. I was fascinated with Fred Astaire. I wore out my family VCR trying to deconstruct his dance moves for 'Night and Day'. I even had my own pair of tap shoes. They made me feel 'special'.

Deep thoughts about deep space

I spent the first three years of my college career as an undergraduate studying physics. My goal was to be a Theoretical Physicist (think Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Kipp Thorne, Michio Kaku) and, really, that still sounds like a hoot. But for now, unraveling the secrets of the universe will have to fall into somebody else's capable hands.

San Diego Native

Enduring the merciless Texas heat is no small feat for this bona fide San Diego native. When asked what I miss most, the answer, however, isn't the implacably perfect weather. It's not my family, though I do miss them something fierce. It's not even the bountiful blue ocean sparkling across the horizon. No. No, if I'm being honest, what I miss most is the carne asada burritos.